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Twice as nice

07.15.2008 by André Natta · → 1 Comment

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Tuesday in Birmingham is a busy day apparently. Here are all the MySpace music links and show info to prove it:

A troubadour trio at Bottletree with headliner Hayes Carll (touring with Conor Oberst among others), John P. Strohm and Bo Butler. Bo, of local Saturdays fame, puts on a great show and will be a perfect compliment to all the guitar-picking and Americana stylings of all tonight’s acts.

Details for show: 18+/9pm/$10

Medeski, Martin & Wood are also playing at WorkPlay tonight. It’s sold out, but if you’ve heard any of Chris Wood’s recordings with his brother Oliver (The Wood Brothers), you’ll know it’s well worth some last-minute sleuthing to find a ticket. It’s so good! It starts at 8, so good luck!

If anyone gets any pictures/soundbytes of either show, let us know.

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