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Fireworks at the BJCC yesterday

We’ve known for some time (well, some of us have) that Alabama State Representative Mary Moore has wanted City Council representation on the BJCC’s board. Well, yesterday she decided to make those comments again during the BJCC Board meeting and had some words with the city’s current representation on the board, Mayor Larry Langford. Apparently, a lot of words.

I’ve got some words about the situation of my own today over on My Birmingham.

JeffCo county manager issues moves to forefront

One issue that appears to be high on the priority list for Jefferson County delegation of the Alabama State Legislature as the new session fast approaches is the installation of a county manager to help deal with, well, you know. Both sides appear to be taking the pulse of the community to see what they think.

There is currently a rally planned for tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 9 a.m. by the League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham to show support for the bi-partisan bill being introduced by Rep. Paul DeMarco. This evening (Monday) JeffCo Commissioner Sheila Smoot and Team Seven plan to hold “an important town meeting” to deal with several issues facing the county, including the idea of a county manager, the sewer debt and the recent occupational tax ruling.

Looks like it’s going to be an interesting ride this session.