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Birmingham City Schools wants your help in their upcoming superintendent search

bcs-district-logoThe Birmingham Board of Education (BBOE) is trying to collect as much community input as possible as it begins its search for a new superintendent. (Current Birmingham City Schools superintendent Craig Witherspoon announced his resignation — effective at the end of the calendar year — in October). Election Day saw pieces published by both AL.com and Weld for Birmingham about how the BBOE intended to accomplish this via public meetings at six area high schools and an anonymous online survey (open until November 16).

It’s now been followed up with a guest opinion by BBOE president Randall Woodfin published to AL.com late Friday morning.

The effort is a partnership between BBOE and the Alabama Association of School Boards. Clicking on the name of one of the six district high schools that follows will take you to a PDF showing the current full schedule of meeting times and where they will take place on campus.

Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014
Woodlawn High School
Huffman High School
Jackson-Olin High School

Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014
Wenonah High School
Parker High School (for Parker and Ramsay)
Carver High School

The schedules currently call for two times  being set for parents and interested members of the community to stop by and participate: a morning session from 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.; and an evening session from 6 – 7 p.m. The schedules also include times to get feedback from members of student council as well as certified and support staff for the schools. The flyers do state that the meetings are for those high schools as well as “the elementary and middle schools which feed it.”

UPDATE: Have you found the Droid X yet?

UPDATE: Congrats to Alex Abenoja, who found the phone at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame earlier today.

Apparently no one has found the phone yet, and that means it’s about to get very interesting here in Birmingham, AL.

Droid XLast week Verizon Wireless announced that 21 Droid X from Motorola phones had been hidden across the country. The phone is due to be released for sale to the general public tomorrow (July 15). Some of the clues that had been provided suggested that one of the phones is located right here in The Magic City. Here are the clues previously shared about phone #8:

  • Five days until Droid X designate #8 will be in a city built on steel. Droid X is built on 1Ghz processing power.
  • Workers here built the rocket that went to the moon. They might think Droid X designate #8 came back from there.
  • Droid X designate #8 doesn’t wish it was in Dixie. Or connect in hdmi. Because it’s already both.

Apparently there have also been latitude and longitude clues provided via Twitter (@droidlanding to be exact). Which also means that there will be a few folks wandering the metro area looking for a new free cool smartphone… maybe.

They’re getting ready to talk to us after all

Find out when the flu hits Birmingham

So what do they do with all of that search data at Google? Well, apparently one of the things that they do is use it to attempt to estimate flu occurrences around the world, including Birmingham, AL.

Flu Trends is one of the projects that exist on Google.org – the company’s philanthropic arm – that appears to be quite accurate in figuring out when different parts of the country come down with the flu. Eerily so – but it looks like if the trend won’t be that bad for the rest of the year (at least, so far).

Screenshot: from Google.org

New Sidewalk director search begins

Sidewalk logoThis afternoon Sidewalk supporters received a note via email written by AIMA President Alan Hunter formally announcing the departure of Catherine Pfitzer as executive director of Sidewalk and the launch of a national search for a new executive director. We’d tell you more, but we thought you might like to read the note yourself (it’s in PDF format). Of course, you could also check out the job description too.