UPDATE: Have you found the Droid X yet?

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UPDATE: Congrats to Alex Abenoja, who found the phone at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame earlier today.

Apparently no one has found the phone yet, and that means it’s about to get very interesting here in Birmingham, AL.

Droid XLast week Verizon Wireless announced that 21 Droid X from Motorola phones had been hidden across the country. The phone is due to be released for sale to the general public tomorrow (July 15). Some of the clues that had been provided suggested that one of the phones is located right here in The Magic City. Here are the clues previously shared about phone #8:

  • Five days until Droid X designate #8 will be in a city built on steel. Droid X is built on 1Ghz processing power.
  • Workers here built the rocket that went to the moon. They might think Droid X designate #8 came back from there.
  • Droid X designate #8 doesn’t wish it was in Dixie. Or connect in hdmi. Because it’s already both.

Apparently there have also been latitude and longitude clues provided via Twitter (@droidlanding to be exact). Which also means that there will be a few folks wandering the metro area looking for a new free cool smartphone… maybe.

They’re getting ready to talk to us after all

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Andre Natta
Andre Natta

Yep, I am. It's tough to find one that isn't embedded in Flash and available from the manufacturer. Still looking though. Let us know if you find one first...


i'm finding that phone!are you aware that's a picture of the original droid, not the droid x?