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On the agenda: Progress is coming

Today’s council agenda is 44 pages long and includes good news for those in town that were wondering about the status of development in Railroad Reservation Park. It also contains good news for those wanting to see a shorter meaning as a vast majority of the items currently listed are on consent.

Once you finally get past all 31 pages of item one, the first item that will possibly lead to an interesting public hearing is the one that calls for changes to the city’s curfew law, including the raising of fines charged (item 5). Items 14, 15 & 16 are currently on the consent agenda, meaning that there will most likely be no discussion of the contracts Bhate Geosciences Corporation (assessing the retaining wall for the park) and Building and Earth Sciences (providing various monitoring services for the park).

We’re figuring you’ve still got time to tune in to the meeting if you haven’t already…

A look back: May 9


Childcare executive Gaynell Hendricks was born in Memphis, Tennesseee.


Widespread Panic played the first of two nights at the future Railroad Reservation Park site.

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On the agenda: Money, development, money (and anger)

So the big news for this morning’s City Council meeting is not necessarily one that is on the agenda, but an item that will be brought up during Mayor Langford’s comments, at least according to this morning’s Birmingham News. They reported that the mayor, upset with City Councilor Valerie Abbott over the situation represented in this video (use of a city car), will be pulling his compromise plan for the former Knights of Columbus property in Glen Iris, frustrating a community that one could say was already quite frustrated. This will allow Formation Methods the opportunity to develop apartments on the property. Check out the links and see what you think.

Now on to the agenda

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Excavation begins at Railroad Reservation Park

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Workers remove old cobblestones along Powell Avenue in preparations for the construction of the Railroad Reservation Park. The park is scheduled to take about a year to complete. The stones will be stored and used in the park. The park is one of three that will be focused on during Thursday afternoon’s annual meeting of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham being held at B&A Warehouse (directly across the street from the bulldozer activity downtown). There will also be an announcement about the foundation’s latest initiative.

A look back: March 11


Railroad Reservation Park design image

Rendering of planned Railroad Reservation Park. http://www.railroadpark.org.

Preliminary ideas for the Railroad Park were presented.

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