On the agenda: Money, development, money (and anger)

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So the big news for this morning’s City Council meeting is not necessarily one that is on the agenda, but an item that will be brought up during Mayor Langford’s comments, at least according to this morning’s Birmingham News. They reported that the mayor, upset with City Councilor Valerie Abbott over the situation represented in this video (use of a city car), will be pulling his compromise plan for the former Knights of Columbus property in Glen Iris, frustrating a community that one could say was already quite frustrated. This will allow Formation Methods the opportunity to develop apartments on the property. Check out the links and see what you think.

Now on to the agenda

Item 15 is the one that raises the most eyebrows. Submitted by Mayor Langford, it would allow the $19 million generated from the tax increases implemented in the early days of the administration towards the development and operation among other things of a mass transit system (if the council decides to not approve construction of a domed stadium).

Item 6 calls for the council to approve $20 million as an incentive package for our Children’s Hospital.

Workers along the railroad tracks

Employees take a break from cleaning up debris on property adjacent to the tracks running through downtown. acnatta/Flickr.

Item 9 is on consent and allows the mayor to enter an agreement to begin development of a multi-use trail as part of the Railroad Reservation Park master plan. Coincidentally, some of the land that would be the focus of the trail has recently been cleaned by city crews (as seen above).

Item 10 would serve as a compromise to allow for free bus service to begin for residents on May 10. It’s the result of an interesting end to last week.

Watch if you want to online. Fun starts at 9:30 a.m.

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