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What are we building in Birmingham?

One of the people who spoke at last week’s launch event for the Birmingham Business Alliance was Birmingham’s mayor, Larry Langford. Among other things, he announced plans for tomorrow’s groundbreaking for the BJCC’s multipurpose facility (a.k.a. dome) and other progress on projects throughout The Magic City.

As people begin to talk about the feasibility of the dome and other projects, they may want to take a look at this story published by The Next American City about whether or not a city should take the leap into convention center expansion.

Langford wants to “Do the dome…NOW!”

The "Do the Dome" shirtBirmingham Mayor Larry Langford shared his intentions with the audience assembled in The Harbert Center early this morning. He hoped that the Birmingham City Council approves his request to release funds to begin construction of the much-talked about multipurpose facility for the BJCC campus downtown.

Or to put it simply, he’s saying, “Let’s do the dome… NOW!”

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