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Moose crossings in Birmingham?

If you’re driving down 20th Street heading towards Southside today, you may notice a couple of small yellow signs up on lightpoles to your left as you approach Morris Avenue. If you were to stop and take a quick look, you’d be a little shocked by what they say:

Moose crossing sign in downtown Birmingham


You’d be shocked, until you paid a little more attention to what was going on across the street: Continue reading

A look back: April 24


Alabama’s first licensed radio station, WSY-AM, went on the air.


The downtown section of Morris Avenue between 21st and 24th Streets became the first site in Birmingham added to the National Register of Historic Places.

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Van fire on Morris Avenue

Van fire under control on Morris Avenue Birmingham, AL - Trav Bryant

Trav Bryant/The Terminal

A ford mini van is on fire between 21st and 22nd Streets North on Morris Avenue. Morris is closed between those two streets.

Random Shots: A look at the snow in Birmingham

The scene on Morris Avenue

Photo credit: André Natta/Flickr

UPDATE: 8:06 p.m.; we’ve created the gallery – click here to view. We’re still welcoming photos too!

It’s a little cold outside right now and the real danger may be later today and tonight as the snow turns into ice. We’re hoping that folks will be careful and safe while they’re heading out to their destinations this evening.

If you’ve got any images from the snowfall, drop us a line at photos[at]bhamterminal.com and we’ll get ’em up here for you…