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Edwards to quit presidential bid at 12 p.m. CT

Looks like we may not see John Edwards this weekend afterall. He canceled his upcoming scheduled appearance here last night and there is word that the former North Carolina legislator will announce his decision to drop out of the 2008 presidential race this afternoon in New Orleans.

Edwards and McCain now planning Birmingham campaign visits

John Edwards   John McCain  

I guess they felt like they need to do it now that Obama and Huckabee have. Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards now plans to visit Birmingham, AL on Saturday, though we’re still not quite sure about when and where it will be; we’re thinking it should be up here eventually.

On the Republican side, Arizona Senator John McCain will take his turn stumping in the Magic City on Saturday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. His event will take place at the Birmingham Sheraton. We’re figuring that he’ll eventually add the date to his online campaign calendar as well.