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Everybody won this weekend

There was some beautiful weather with weekend, perfect for those that participated in the 8th running of the Mercedes Marathon & Half Marathon as well as the BE5K race on Saturday. Congratulations to the thousands that participated as well as to all of the winners.

While the official results are not yet posted on the site, you can check out results from previous years and have it bookmarked for when they’re certified. Check out Fox 6’s website for video of children crossing the finish line for the Kid’s Marathon. 

Gordon Bell ventured out yesterday morning and took some great images, now available for you to take a look at over in The Gallery.

By the way, if you want to share your photos from race day with the folks here on the site and you’re on Flickr, add them to The Terminal’s Flickr group and we’ll get them up here as soon as possible.

Photo: Gordon Bell/Flickr.

Finally, ArtWalk photos

Photo: MIA. Gordon Bell/GALPhotography

We’ve been trying to upload some photo sets (particularly one from ArtWalk 2008) to our backend for the better part of a week now, with no luck. Suddenly we just remembered, we do have the fan page on Facebook – and yet another outlet for photos. So, without further ado, check out the album of selected photos by Terminal photographer Gordon Bell from ArtWalk 2008. Add comments, name people, join the rest of the fans of the hub if you feel like it…