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A nice week for Motus Motorcycles

3 words... via Motus Motorcycles. The folks at Motus Motorcycles probably weren’t worried for a moment yesterday, though it could have been a crazier day if the outcome at Monday afternoon’s Budget and Finance committee meeting at Birmingham City Hall had been different.

The business has spent the last 3 ½ years at Innovation Depot and is preparing to “graduate” from the nationally recognized business incubator. They enjoyed a pretty nice morning at the city’s Design Review Committee at the Auburn Urban Studio. (NOTE: Magic City Post has a full rundown of yesterday’s meeting.) That’s where a proposal by Barber Properties to make improvements to property located at 500 28th Street South – the former home to the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum – to facilitate serving as the company’s new home was unanimously approved.

This scene could have been a little awkward if the City Council committee hadn’t voted to recommend approval of $75,000 in financial incentives for the motorcycle manufacturer by the full council as reported by Joseph Bryant that evening on al.com. The vote was unanimous, though there was apparently an exchange between councilor Lashunda Scales and Jarvis Patton from the mayor’s office.  They’ll be looking to grow their staff by as much as six times as a result of this week’s events.

Photo: 3 words…Blue Ridge Parkway. Courtesy Motus Motorcycles brand page on Facebook.

On the agenda: Council approves 2009 budget

Looks like we will have an operating budget before 3 p.m. CDT (after a lengthy discussion that streamed online during their recess). The regular scheduled meeting of the Birmingham City Council ended at approximately 3 p.m. today with the approval of the 2009 general fund budget. The capital budget is the next item to be approved – it will be dealt with at next week’s meeting.

It appears that The final vote will be was 7-0 for most items with one abstention. Councilor Montgomery was absent due to surgery and Councilor Royal is abstaining from most of the earlier items involving the budget on the agenda – though he did vote with the majority for the items pertaining to employee raises.

The council also delayed voting on a proposal that would have started the process of being considered for the 2020 Olympics, as The Birmingham News reported earlier today.

City Council green-lights Langford’s Fair Park plan

Birmingham city councilors gave Mayor Larry Langford a collective nod to move forward on a multi-million dollar plan to overhaul Fair Park, and potentially jump start redevelopment in the oft-neglected west side of town.

Image from Langford Fair Park presentationThe seven councilors present at Thursday’s Committee of the Whole meeting questioned how the city could shift earmarked bond funds to pay for the park concept, when the previous administration told them shifting funds wasn’t possible. Nevertheless, they unanimously agreed that Langford could hire an architect and begin the process of bringing to life an Olympic-style sports, entertainment, retail and residential complex on the 40-acre site.

Langford could barely contain his joy at the councilors’ decision. “For the first time, you have city councilors saying, if you take a little money out of my district for the good of the city, it’s okay.”

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