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Area restaurants to participate in Night Out for Gulf Seafood

Dine America Louisiana logoThis Wednesday, December 1, Bottega, Highlands Bar & Grill and Little Savannah will join 272+ restaurants participating in a “Night Out for Gulf Seafood.”

The culinary event was organized as “a chef/restaurant statement supporting the Gulf Coast fishing families and their Gulf Seafood catch,” one that organizers hope will result in increased demand from around the world. An Associated Press piece published in the Times Picayune back in October points out just how much of a hit the seafood industry is still taking as a result of the Gulf Coast oil spill in April.

A website and Facebook fan page directs supporters to an online auction that will include cookbooks donated by some of the participating restaurants as well as additional information about the event, its supporters and information to help restaurants take part. The coolest option for those of you visiting the site from outside the Southeastern United States is the map that allows you to see which restaurants are participating near you.

Image: Dine America Louisiana logo. Courtesy official website.

UPDATE: Fire + Ice COO responds

This morning I received the following message from the COO of Fire + Ice restaurants, Hol Hustus in response to our email to them and yesterday’s post about the status of the Five Points South location:

“Thanks for the e-mail. Unfortunately the restaurant has recently closed. The owners plan on making some changes and re-opening in a few months. We will try to keep you posted through out website and e-mails.

Thanks again.”

Sounds like we’ll know what’s coming next in that spot soon. Thanks to Hol for the prompt reply.

UPDATE: Fice and Ice under wraps, for now

Fire and Ice under wraps. Andre Natta/

We’re really not weren’t sure what the deal is was ourselves. There’d been a lot of searches recently including the words “Fire and Ice“, “Birmingham” and “what happened” bringing folks to the website so we headed over to Five Points South where we took the above photo.

The windows were covered in paper though there were no signs explaining what was going on. Comments to the restaurant’s fan page on Facebook suggest that this has been the case since October 10. Emails have been sent to the local corporate offices with no answer or voicemail available when phoned. The restaurant opened in March of 2008.

What we did learn was that the restaurant is having improvements made that should be complete in time for a December reopening, so those who enjoy the restaurant shouldn’t be worried about them closing.

Photo: Fire and Ice as it appeared on Tuesday evening, October 13, 2009. André Natta/

Random Shots: Soon we’ll be eating good in the neighborhood

Applebee’s in Five Points West

The Applebee’s restaurant that has long been promised in Birmingham’s Five Points West community nears completion. It will be the seventh  metro Birmingham location and only the second location west of I-65 and first in the city limits.

The restaurant is already poised to do great business, especially with the potential of an upgraded Birmingham International Raceway and the steady addition of new businesses on the city’s West side.

Random Shots: Silverton’s back!

Interior of Silvertron Cafe

Photo credit: André Natta

Yes, this is the interior of The Silvertron Cafe. It’s been closed for a few months now, but this comment on the post we used to announce that made us go out to take a look. A phone call to the property owner confirmed the rumor, with word that this Birmingham favorite is planning to be re-opened by the end of the month.

We have learned that the new owners are Marco Morosini and his wife. We’ll see if can find out anything else about it and let you know as soon as possible.

Einstein Bros. joins the national chain mix

Einstein Bros. LogoAdd Einstein Bros. Bagels to the list of national chains that have announced plans to put locations in Birmingham. It was announced as part of the company’s plan to offer franchising opportunities in seven states, the Birmingham Business Journal shared the news last week. They join Dunkin Donuts (story) and Baskin Robbins (story) in terms of recent announcements, not to mention several other chains that have opened in recent months throughout our metro area.

This map shows the states being targeted by the Lakewood, CO-based company. Thanks to Megabeth for pointing it out.

This news leads us to a question: What other retail chains would you like to see come to Birmingham? (question edited to clarify meaning)

A restaurant on Morris Avenue? Yep

Fanaei In Matthew’s - Bob Farley/f8photo

Matthew’s Bar and Grill has opened at 2208 Morris Avenue. It now relieves The Peanut Depot of being the only place to grab a bite down near the railroad tracks, though stopping by to grab a snack for later after grabbing some barbecue from the new restaurant still wouldn’t be a bad idea! There haven’t been many options down there since The Morris House, though new ones exist up on 1st Avenue North.