Area restaurants to participate in Night Out for Gulf Seafood

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Dine America Louisiana logoThis Wednesday, December 1, Bottega, Highlands Bar & Grill and Little Savannah will join 272+ restaurants participating in a “Night Out for Gulf Seafood.”

The culinary event was organized as “a chef/restaurant statement supporting the Gulf Coast fishing families and their Gulf Seafood catch,” one that organizers hope will result in increased demand from around the world. An Associated Press piece published in the Times Picayune back in October points out just how much of a hit the seafood industry is still taking as a result of the Gulf Coast oil spill in April.

A website and Facebook fan page directs supporters to an online auction that will include cookbooks donated by some of the participating restaurants as well as additional information about the event, its supporters and information to help restaurants take part. The coolest option for those of you visiting the site from outside the Southeastern United States is the map that allows you to see which restaurants are participating near you.

Image: Dine America Louisiana logo. Courtesy official website.

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