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Travelogue: The other Patrick Cooper

Patrick Cooper VA screenshot

Screenshot of Evanston, Illinois’ Patrick Cooper’s website.

Well, he’s finding the whole situation quite interesting. The Patrick Cooper in Virginia that is. He was the one that came up first when you would look up the name of the former Birmingham mayoral candidate and current contester of the election during the early days of his campaign to get into City Hall.

This Patrick Cooper decided that he would begin to track the happenings of the man who shared his name on his site after he was not listed in the top spot.

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UPDATE: Election ’07: Langford responds to Cooper filing

UPDATE: 10:40:04 a.m., The motion for dismissal by Langford is up at NBC13: . Thanks to Steph for finding that.

UPDATE: 10:25:36 a.m., It appears that Fox 6 has removed the Langford document, FYI.

The folks at Fox 6 have obtained a copy of a motion to dimiss the contest filing of former mayoral candidate Patrick Cooper and have posted it on their site. It’s the latest episode in what appears will be a long three week saga here in Birmingham as Cooper attempts to force a special election.

What do you think; has this gone on for too long or should Cooper continue to push for another visit to the polls for Birmingham’s residents?

Election ’07: Langford’s our certified winner, but…

Cooper speaks to press

Photo credit: André Natta

Larry Langford was officially certified as the winner of the 2007 mayoral race yesterday. Patrick Cooper, as reported about in this morning’s Birmingham News, has announced plans to file this contest of the October 9 election (PDF file).

The image shows Cooper speaking with reporters at a 10 a.m. press conference at his campaign headquarters in downtown Birmingham. He is contending that Langford was not eligible to run for the mayor’s office because he was still residing in Fairfield.

When asked if he would be filing this contest if there was a runoff, Cooper replied that if he knew then what he knows now, he would still be filing the contest.

Election ’07: Langford appoints two to head his transition team

Ralph Cook bio   Charles McCrary photo

Photos of Ralph Cook, Sr. (l) and Charles McCrary (r).

Birmingham Mayor-elect Larry Langford has brought on former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Ralph Cook, Sr. and Alabama Power CEO Charles McCrary to lead his transition team. They won’t have long to work, as Langford said he plans to be sworn into office the second Tuesday in November.

Langford made the announcement during a windy press conference at Vulcan Park Tuesday afternoon.

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Election ’07: Langford extends olive branch to County Commission

Larry Langford returned to the County Commission today in triumph with a warm-and-fuzzy moment with fellow commissioners, who celebrated his decisive win in Tuesday’s mayoral election.

As Birmingham’s mayor-elect, Langford immediately extended an olive branch across the table to his colleagues, saying he would need their help to carry out initiatives that will move the city and region forward.

“Everybody knows that as Birmingham goes, so goes the region,” he said “For Birmingham to move forward, I need the help of this commission. I know we have a history of not agreeing on everything in the past, and we don’t have to agree on everything now. But I think there are some things we can agree on and work together.”

Commission President Bettye Fine Collins and the other commissioners reciprocated with a resolution pledging to work cooperatively with Langford. They unanimously passed the resolution during Thursday’s special session.

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Election ’07: The other race on Tuesday made history

Howard Bayless photoWith all of the attention focused on Tuesday’s mayoral election results, very few people have been talking about the other race that occurred that evening – the one for the vacant city board of education seat in District 3.

When Howard Bayless won the seat on Tuesday evening, defeating Earnest Lumpkin (click here to view the unofficial vote totals), he became the first openly gay male to win an elected office in the state of Alabama. The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund currently has this story on the front page of its website. The news is appearing on other sites throughout the country, including this post on PageOneQ.

As Danny said yesterday, this is not your father’s Alabama anymore.

Election ’07: Provisional ballots become focus

We’ve just opened an email that is being forwarded throughout the city of Birmingham this afternoon. It was sent by the Cooper for Mayor campaign:

As widely reported many Birmingham voters were disenfranchised on October 9th as they tried to cast their ballot in the mayoral election.  Right now, only 174 votes separate Patrick from a run-off.

Accordingly, please pass this information along to all Birmingham voters:

– If you requested and submitted a provisional ballot at a polling site YOU MUST GO TO BOARD OF REGISTRARS AT THE JEFFERSON COUNTY COURT HOUSE BY FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12th at 5PM.  If the voter fails to provide identification to the Board on the Friday following the election, the ballot will NOT be counted.

-If you requested and never received an absentee ballot for the October 9th Mayoral Election, you can still vote if you GO TO THE BOARD OF REGISTRARS AT THE JEFFERSON COUNTY COURT HOUSE BY FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12th at 5PM.

REMEMBER TO BRING PROPER IDENTIFICATION (drivers license including address and telephone number).

We need every vote!

If you have any questions please contact the Cooper for Mayor Campaign at 488-9641 or the Jefferson County Board of Registrars at 325-5550.  Also, please let us know if you did submit a provisional ballot so we may help protect your vote.

As we said earlier today, it’s about to get interesting.