Election ’07: Langford appoints two to head his transition team

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Ralph Cook bio   Charles McCrary photo

Photos of Ralph Cook, Sr. (l) and Charles McCrary (r).

Birmingham Mayor-elect Larry Langford has brought on former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Ralph Cook, Sr. and Alabama Power CEO Charles McCrary to lead his transition team. They won’t have long to work, as Langford said he plans to be sworn into office the second Tuesday in November.

Langford made the announcement during a windy press conference at Vulcan Park Tuesday afternoon.

Cook said he will focus his attention on making sure important projects started under during Bernard Kincaid’s administration don’t fall through the cracks. He his job is to ensure important details aren’t dropped while Langford focuses attention on other important matters of his administration.

McCrary said he is acting as a liaison between Langford and the business community, opening door for business leaders and the Mayor-elect to share ideas and develop strategies together.

“I think the business community shares the same goals as everyone else – seeing the citizens prosper, seeing this city grow, and turning Birmingham into the magic place we all know it can be,” McCrary said.

However, he said Langford has already taken the initiative himself to meet with key members of Birmingham’s business community.

Neither man said how long they would stay in their assigned roles heading Langford’s team. “We’re going to assist him as long as he needs us,” McCrary said.

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