It may rain, but it’s still the weekend

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Timetable header by edward badham

We’re hoping you’ve already discovered this week’s posts by Christina and Sam over on Timetable as they give you some help planning your weekends. If not, get over there. I figured that this may also be just the right time to give folks a heads up about when to stop by to check out your favorite column over on our arts and culture blog.

Starting next week, you’ll see Terri and Charles taking turns letting you know what they’re “In Love With” on Tuesday mornings. Christina’s going to start giving you some time to plan that weekend by sharing her suggestions on Wednesdays. Sam’s going to stay on Thursdays. Trav’s going to contribute additional pieces regularly and we’ll actually share some additional posts over there too. If you want to help us expand our coverage, check out our submission guidelines, decide which ones you think you like, and then contact us, (best way is at BTW, we’re meeting tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. if you just want to dive in.

Enjoy the weekend!

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