Election ’07: We haven’t forgotten about your questions…

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As we mentioned earlier this morning, we figured that you’d want to know what we were going to do with all of your questions that were submitted. NOTE: Thanks for submitting them to us by the way.

UPDATE: Hear their answers to your questions NOW on our Election ’07 site!

All of the candidates have been invited by mail, email or via hand delivered letters to participate in our online forum series as part of our Election 2007 coverage. The candidates have been asked to allow us to record their answers to those questions you submitted to our site. The answers will be posted during the week of September 10 – 14 allowing you to hear in their own words. The candidates will not know the answers that the others have given, keeping them focused on the issues. We will post one answer a day, with the last day posting both the last question and a question that has been asked specifically of them.

At this time, we have received commitments from two candidates. If you have not confirmed, or if you have any questions, please contact our managing editor, André Natta, either by phone or email as listed on our contact page.

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