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Maybe I should say it’s more of a clarification. Yesterday we posted about the Parisian name staying alive in Detroit, MI. I received a couple of emails pointing to the original 2006 press release from Saks Incorporated (which has been inserted into my comment on the article) that listed the locations that existed at that time. We figured we’d deal with some of the questions raised following our guiding principles:

Since that press release, some of the locations have been changed over to a Bon Ton nameplate while one of the locations has been converted into a Carson Pririe Scott. That location is not in Detroit (as it was suggested in the post) but in Indianapolis, IN.

The following is a list of the locations that exist (or will exist) in the metro Detroit, MI area that are currently listed on the Bon Ton site as carrying the Parisian nameplate:

Parisian Laurel Park Place, Livonia, MI
Parisian Partridge Creek, Clinton, MI (Mall opens October 18)
Parisian Village of Rochester Hills, Rochester Hills, MI
These were confirmed via telephone calls to the stores listed above yesterday afternoon.

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