So long, Silvertron

06.1.2007 by André Natta · → 6 Comments

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Now we know that Black & White mentioned this news at the end of an article in their Table Talk section last edition, but we’re finding that there are a lot of people that were not aware of it. The restaurant re-opened a little over a year ago with a brighter decor and very few changes to the menu. The restaurant closed in early May.

Silvertron Cafe - August 2006

The restaurant has just reopened in late August; the image above is from its reopening day on August 31.

If you were to go by the Silvertron Café right now, the only thing that would make you aware that it was closed would be the fact that there’s no one inside. Look in the windows though and it looks like it could reopen rather quickly. That’s a reason for hope. 

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