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Art on the Rocks = Toga Party this August

07.26.2007 by André Natta · → Leave a comment

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Toga on a VespaThat’s the plan for the August edition of the popular social event. Those that attend the August 24th event in a toga will have a chance to win a brand new red Vespa courtesy of Bogart’s Motor Sports.

It’ll be a day late recognition of the ancient Vulcanalia festival in honor of that big guy hanging out atop Red Mountain nowadays – Vulcan.

The folks over at the museum responsible for Art on the Rocks have provided information about how to make your own toga courtesy of their recent MySpace profile blog post:

Buy five yards of cloth. (Cloth works better, plus it’s usually less expensive than a sheet. And, you get to choose from lots more colors and fabric designs.)

Take the width and fold it in half.

Pin one of the sheet at your waist and wrap around 1.5 times

Pin again and throw the remainder of cloth over shoulder to drape.

Bring fabric back to the waste and tie the two loose ends or pin in place.

Accessorize with sandals, a rope belt, gold jewelry, fake swords and laurels (Laurels are the leaves around your head. Make a circle with a coat hanger and glue fake [or real] leaves to it.)

For more toga inspiration, try these links!



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