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“an Apple Store for health”


Photo: André Natta/bhamterminal.com

These young ladies were taking part in this morning’s Wii bowling tournament at the open house for The Blue Store in Trussville. It’s been described by some as “an Apple Store for health” and I think you’ll agree with that statement when you get there. There’s even an interactive station for checking blood pressure and weight and the ability to access their Be Healthy website.

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A look back: June 10


The City of Trussville was incorporated.


The Center Point 6 and Hoover Square 6 cinema multiplexes opened.

Courtesy: Bhamwiki.com logo

Cheer on Hunter Bledsoe today!

Hunter Bledsoe from TrussvilleIf you’ve got the National Geographic Channel available to you this afternoon at 4 p.m., you may want to tune in and cheer on Trussville’s Hunter Bledsoe competes as one of the ten finalists in this year’s National Geographic Bee in Washington, DC. this morning beginning at 9 a.m. CT.

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