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A rally for green jobs

Photo: Courtesy of Alabama Environmental Council.

This weekend dozens of people gathered in front of the Alabama Environmental Council‘s (AEC) Recycling  Center downtown to do their part in showing our government and our Presidential candidates that they were ready for the country to focus on the creation of green jobs in support of a green economy. The gathering was part of Green Jobs Now – A Day To Build The New Economy, one of the largest days of citizen action focusing on economic issues and global warming in our nation’s history. 

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A new look for downtown recycling center

If you look at it now, the property on 25th Street and 2nd Avenue North in downtown Birmingham has a few recycling bins, along with a run-down building.  However, that area will eventually be transformed into a state of the art recycling center and office building.  While it’s still in the early planning stages, the Alabama Environmental Council (AEC) wants to move their state offices into the building’s second floor, and convert the first floor into an educational recycling center. “Signage is going to be very distinct,” says Michael Churchman, AEC executive director. “This is going to be the public face of the council and expose people as to what kind of work we are doing.”

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