A rally for green jobs

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Photo: Courtesy of Alabama Environmental Council.

This weekend dozens of people gathered in front of the Alabama Environmental Council‘s (AEC) Recycling  Center downtown to do their part in showing our government and our Presidential candidates that they were ready for the country to focus on the creation of green jobs in support of a green economy. The gathering was part of Green Jobs Now – A Day To Build The New Economy, one of the largest days of citizen action focusing on economic issues and global warming in our nation’s history. 

Participants in the event created a visual display of their message: “We’re Ready For Green Jobs Now!” and collected petition signatures urging elected officials to invest in millions of green jobs and a Clean Energy Corps to repower America. This petition will be delivered to Washington, DC along with petitions from hundreds of other events across the country. Photos were also uploaded to the Green Jobs Now site and there are plans to make politicians aware of them. The AEC used the Recycling Center and other visuals as a backdrop for their photos because the U.S. recycling Industry generated $275 billion revenue, creating 3,013 total jobs in 2006.

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