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The train’s getting in early

Remember that post last week about the locomotive moving to Sloss Furnaces? Well, the date’s changed – to tomorrow morning!

They’re expecting it to pull on to the site at approximately 9 a.m. though the time may change yet again because of the complexity of the operation. Maybe one of us will see you there…

Fair Park Locomotive moving to Sloss

35Birmingham’s Fair Park has long been home to this 1917 “war baby” steam locomotive. Well, on February 22 it’ll be settling into its new home on the grounds of the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark site. It is the result of an effort led by Mountain Book mayor Terry Oden to raise the $150,000 necessary to pay for the transport of the locomotive by flatbed railcar to its new home. The Birmingham News ran a piece in mid-January with details for those interested in helping out with the move.

BTW: If you wanted to check out some photos from the demolition of the raceway grandstand from last month, there’s a photo set courtesy of Bob Farley over in The Gallery.

Photo: Courtesy of Sloss Furnaces