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Larry’s been busy too

Today’s been a busy day insofar as Birmingham mayor Larry Langford’s legal issues are concerned. This afternoon the legal team representing the mayor against federal charges brought against him recently asked that his right to a speedy trial be waived due to the amount of information that must be sorted through. The team will be hoping that the ruling in response to this motion is in their favor, unlike the ruling that was handed down earlier in the day involving the case brought against him by Central Alabama Pride, Inc. in late August.

Neal lawsuit settled, new meteorologist coming to Fox 6

UPDATE: If you didn’t already know that Neal is a weekend meteorologist for CBS42 (since 2009), he’s also working for WeatherNationTV.

Two updates on the Fox 6 chief meteorologist front…

Earlier today AL.com reported that the lawsuit filed by former Fox 6 chief meteorologist David Neal had been settled out of court, with no details being released. While looking to see what else was out there about this story, we discovered that The Huntsville Times reported on Sunday that current WHNT meteorologist James-Paul Dice will be coming to The Magic City to serve as Fox 6’s new chief meteorologist.

UPDATE: The hunt for District 1’s seat may be over soon(er)

UPDATE: See end of post.

That would be based on a ruling made by the Supreme Court in Washington this morning (yes, that crew in Washington). They’ve ruled that Governor Riley did not have to get Federal approval to appoint a fellow Republican to a vacant spot on the Mobile County Commission.

Justice Ginsburg’s opinion is 38 pages long, but it is important, since it is one of the primary arguments being made concerning the Jefferson County Commission District 1 seat currently occupied by Gen. Bowman. Birmingham City Councilor William Bell won a special election called in February, leading to the current court battle over who should rightfully be occupying the seat.

We’ll see how it’s received and what’s next.

UPDATE: Seems like the Governor was already thinking about that (see the official release from his office).

David Neal’s OK; but he’s suing Fox 6

UPDATE: If you didn’t already know that Neal is a weekend meteorologist for CBS42 (since 2009), he’s also working for WeatherNationTV.

Well, we finally know what happened to former Fox 6 chief meteorologist David Neal.

The popular weatherman has not been on the air for several weeks, and based on this afternoon’s post by The Birmingham News, we know it’s not by choice.

They also have a link to a PDF of the circuit court filing containing the allegations being made.