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the35212’s founder plans to expand citywide

the35212 logoCharlotte Donlon started the35212 two years ago as a way to help focus on the people, places and events in the neighborhoods contained within, including Crestwood and Woodlawn. She was the focus of one of my first Digital City columns for B-Metro Magazine. Now, she’s announced two different initiatives that should raise the profile of the site across the city.

There’s currently an effort underway to raise funds to produce an “old school community newsletter” for the site via Kickstarter. As of this post (with nine days to go), they’ve received pledges for approximately 55% of the funds necessary to start the project.

Donlon’s also announced plans to do similar sites for each of the city’s 28 zip codes. Each zip code’s web domain would be similar to the35212 with a central site, initially planning to be headquartered at findingbhm.wordpress.com, connecting them all. She’s posted additional information about the expansion of her project here. She’s also laid out initial plans for sponsorship of the current site.

Taylor Hide hopes Birmingham sees more Kickstarter success

Lumi front. Courtesy of Kickstarter projectAccording to his Kickstarter bio, Taylor Hide wants to help folks get better sleep.

The result of his work is the LUMI Mask, “The Sleep Mask that Wakes You Up.” Hide developed the it as a way to provide folks with the benefits of  sleep masks and sunrise clocks using only one product.

He’s attempting to use the popular crowdsourcing site Kickstarter to raise the funds necessary to continue developing his idea and to start producing them. He’s already raised $2,946 from 53 backers with 27 days to go.

This would not be the first successful Kickstarter project in Birmingham, AL. The most visible one so far in our digital world was the one undertaken by the Desert Island Supply Company earlier this year.

Photo: Front of LUMI Mask. Courtesy of Kickstarter project.