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Gourmet Bottle Bill goes before AL State Senate Tuesday

Free the Hops logoFree The Hops (FTH) shared earlier in the day Monday that SB294 – the legislation supported by the organization that would change the 16 fluid oz. limit on beer sold in Alabama to 25.4 fluid oz. – might be placed on the special order calendar for the Alabama State Senate on Tuesday, February 21.

A tweet was sent out earlier this evening by FTH stating they’d confirmed it would be up for a vote.

The 25.4 number was chosen by FTH because “it would allow for 22 oz. and 750 mL bottle sizes – the two most common bottle sizes for high-end specialty beers” to be sold in the state.

The “Gourmet Bottle Bill” has also been submitted to the Alabama State House of Representatives as HB264.

Free the Hops bill passed by Alabama State Senate

Visitors trying to Google “Free the Hops” and trying to access their website are currently meeting a 504 error.  We’re thinking it’s because of the traffic being generated by fans of specialty & gourmet beers throughout the state celebrating the passage of HB 373 earlier this afternoon. This afternoon at 2:56 p.m., Free the Hops shared via Twitter words that its supporters have been waiting to hear since it was founded in 2004…


The bill was passed while Senator Hank Erwin was outside of the Senate chamber in Montgomery. The bill currently awaits the signature of Governor Riley. The organization’s making a plea on their blog with additional information about the next step in the process.