Gourmet Bottle Bill goes before AL State Senate Tuesday

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Free the Hops logoFree The Hops (FTH) shared earlier in the day Monday that SB294 – the legislation supported by the organization that would change the 16 fluid oz. limit on beer sold in Alabama to 25.4 fluid oz. – might be placed on the special order calendar for the Alabama State Senate on Tuesday, February 21.

A tweet was sent out earlier this evening by FTH stating they’d confirmed it would be up for a vote.

The 25.4 number was chosen by FTH because “it would allow for 22 oz. and 750 mL bottle sizes – the two most common bottle sizes for high-end specialty beers” to be sold in the state.

The “Gourmet Bottle Bill” has also been submitted to the Alabama State House of Representatives as HB264.

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