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New biofuels corridor almost complete

E85 Press Conference in Vestavia Hills
Photo: Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition’s Mark Bentley at this morning’s press conference in Vestavia Hills. acnatta/Flickr.

Last night the I-65 Biofuels Corridor Summit at Ted’s Garage provided attendees with a chance to learn more the completion of the first cross-country route that allows owners of FlexFuel vehicles easy access to E85 fuel from Mobile, AL to Gary, IN (where events will be held tomorrow evening). One of those stations is the Shell station located at the intersection of I-65 and U.S. 31 in Vestavia Hills. Earlier today public officials attended a ceremony marking it’s designation as one of seven (7) stations offering E85 along the north/south thoroughfare. Drivers that visit that station today, provided your car can run on E85, will be able to fill up on the alternative fuel for $2.85/gallon.

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Regional cooperation for fuel savings

Birmingham’s current effort to go green, which currently includes initiatives like Mayor Langford’s 4-day work week and scrap metal recycling program, could be expanded soon to include a plan to implement a regional plan to use E85 fuel made from wood waste in the city’s 130 current fleet of flex fuel vehicles and other vehicles in the area’s three largest cities.

The mayor’s office let us know that he recently met with Hoover Mayor Tony Petelos and Mayor Ed May of Bessemer to discuss the possibility of developing just such a regional plan. According to the press release, Birmingham alone generates an estimated 16,000 tons of wood waste per year.

“One ton of wood waste generates an estimated 215 gallons of E85 fuel. Just based on that, this City could generate three times our annual fuel consumption,” said Mayor Langford.

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