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An honor long overdue

That would be the best way to describe the ceremony scheduled to take place at noon today in Birmingham’s Kelly Ingram Park. Today a plaque will be installed honoring the ministers that inspired the Ministers Kneeling statue.

Preachers praying.jpg

Photo: Preachers praying. acnatta/Flickr.

Participants in the rededication ceremony will include representatives from Mayor Larry Langford’s office; Mrs. Fred Shuttlesworth; Ms. Odessa Woolfolk; Bonita Conley, famed operatic and gospel singer; plus members of the families of the ministers whose actions in 1963 inspired the statue –┬áRev. N. H. Smith Jr. of New Baptist Church, Rev. A.D. King of First Baptist Church of Ensley and Rev. John T. Porter of Sixth Avenue Baptist Church. Today’s Birmingham News provides the background story about why today’s ceremony is taking place.

Christmas comes to Birmingham tonight

Photo: acnatta/Flickr

The joy of the holiday season will fill Linn Park in downtown Birmingham as the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony takes place. The annual parade will begin at 5 p.m, moving north along 20th Street North and ending at Linn Park where the ceremony is scheduled to start at 6 p.m. It should be warm enough to enjoy the excitement.