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A new Batman for Birmingham

bhambatmanSomeone has donned the mask of the Caped Crusader, if only virtually, for the Magic City. This one hopes that they can make people aware of what’s going on around them in terms of crime.

Birmingham Batman has recently re-appeared as a MySpace profile that connects to a Spotcrime.com map of the area. The profile also includes an widget that pulls the RSS feed from our local Crimestoppers site. According to the profile, comments will be limited to information relevant to dealing with Birmingham crime. We don’t know who it is (though we wish we’d done it first 🙂 ), but we’re hoping that folks will take advantage of it. We’re thinking the original would be proud (we talked about him here in 2007), though we’re not sure…

Take a Moment: Remembering the original Batman of Birmingham

When we recently posted about the new online crime map created by members of the group Victims of Birmingham Crime, we referenced the moderator of the group, who called himself the Birmingham Batman.

We figured that some of you would enjoy taking a look at the original Batman of Birmingham, Willie Perry, through the eyes of Lou Anders over on his blog, Bowing to the Future (including this new entry about him that includes a picture of the Batmobile itself).