Travelogue: Lou’s Pub makes Esquire’s list of best bars

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Lou's Pub & Package Store logoReaders of the current edition of Esquire Magazine may have recognized the name of a local watering hole included in a very prestigious list of bars. Lou’s Pub not only made the latest installment of the magazine’s list of “The Best Bars in America” (PDF) it did so as the only representative from the state of Alabama.

It’s the second time that the bar has been included on the list – the first being in 2007 (when mental_floss‘ Neely Harris (formerly of mental_flossnow of ESPN The Magazinewrote this piece for the magazine). It’s one of several bars that can claim that designation in Birmingham over the last few years – a list that includes Rojo, The Garage, The Bottletree, and Highlands Bar & Grill.

The full list is also available as well as an interactive map including bars previously on the list on the magazine’s website.

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