It’s a little hot in the Magic City this week

05.31.2011 by André Natta · Comments Off on It’s a little hot in the Magic City this week

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Crestwood Park - Pool. Dystopos/FlickrDaytime highs in metro Birmingham will hover in the upper 90s (with heat indices near 100°) for most of the week. The first significant chance for rain currently looks like it won’t arrive until next Sunday.

Luckily there are some options for relief in the city, including possibly cooling off at one of the city’s seventeen swimming pools. Luckily for the folks in Crestwood, theirs is among the ones open on Tuesday.

We’d offer some additional suggestions (as former Timetable contributor Charles Buchanan did back in 2008) but it probably makes more sense to find out what you’re planning to do by having you answer today’s Magic City Question.

Then again, we could always look to our sister city across the pond and see what they’re telling their residents to do (they’ve even got a video cued up about summer safety)…

Photo: Crestwood Park – Pool. Dystopos/Flickr.

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