Railroad’s next phase

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There’s been a lot of conversations about Railroad Park recently, particularly about the status of work on what’s been called Birmingham, AL’s living room. Two weeks ago during a presentation at the Operation New Birmingham breakfast, attendees were given an update on the progress of Railroad Park, complete with renderings of the proposed 3,000-seat amphitheater and of the signage that would great users as they entered from the corners. Funds must still be raised for its construction, which means it will most likely not be completed until it is a part of phase II of the site’s development

According to the presentation, construction drawings should have been completed recently, meaning that we will once again see progress on the site soon. The park is now scheduled to open in Spring 2010. There’s also an upcoming 5K event on August 21, the Choo-Choo Chug-a-Lug, taking runners from the park to Sloss Furnaces and then giving them access to the annual Stokin’ the Fire event. The registration form for the race is available from the park’s website.

Image: ONB/Railroad Park

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