It’s official: we suck

11.13.2008 by André Natta · → 16 Comments

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At least, based on current area blog launches, we seem to suck at providing information about arts and culture and music. Two new sites have launched in the last week to fill the void that we’ve attempted to fill with Timetable since our inception – is a new music blog that will cover local as well as not so local info while will be covering the arts and culture scene. What about Timetable, or the new (but not yet fully functioning like we want it to) calendar, destinations (FYI – submit events here)?

They’re alive, not kicking, but alive – and they’d love your help to get back to where they’d like to be. We know you love Saturdays for not having to do anything, but we’d love it if you’re interested in submitting to Birmingham’s hub (any part of it) if you’d come on out to o’kafé’s (check out their new website) in Pepper Place this Saturday morning (November 15) at 10 a.m. We’ll be done in plenty of time to watch whatever game you want to.

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