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In case you’re wondering, we’ve already posted the names of the winners of the eight weekend passes we’ve been giving away for  City Stages on the contest page. We’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who entered (and there were a lot of you) – and now we’d like to say that we still have two passes left to give away

We were thinking of the most fair way to give these two passes away while seeing folks show their love for the music festival (as well as for us)… and we’ve settled on giving them away separately. Here’s the catch, we’ve got to see you tomorrow (Friday) at lunchtime over at Java and Jams (321 20th Street North).

We’re going to give one pass away tomorrow afternoon to the first person who shows up with more than 10 City Stages buttons between 12 – 1 p.m. (we’ve love it if you were wearing them, but so long as we can see how much love you’ve got for the festival, we think that’ll do).

We’re going to give the other one of them away to the first person that we see wearing one of our Terminal T shirts. Now we do realize that many folks should be wearing their UCP t-shirts tomorrow as part of UCP Casual Day 2008 (hint), but we figured that anyone wearing a black t shirt in the midst of a heat wave should rewarded 😀 .

You’ll see me in mine waiting inside for you to claim your prizes. Good luck!

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