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It’s time to make that quarterly request for those interested in writing posts for The Terminal to make yourselves known to us. Now that we’ve been around for a year, it’s becoming tougher and tougher for those that are still involved with the site’s day-to-day operations to keep up with all of the submissions and story ideas. It’s currently a job where the only pay is knowing that you’ve helped to make more people in the city aware of what’s going on – though we’re working on it.

It’s not just limited to writers either – photographers, filmmakers, programmers – anyone that can help tell the current story of the city of Birmingham is welcome. Our submissions page is wordy (we’re working on it) but it gives you an idea of length and scope. We only meet once a month in person (*surprise* – the current folks hadn’t heard that yet) though I’m available most Saturdays to talk through stories and ideas in more detail. We’re preparing to do most of our communication via Google Groups.

If you’re interested:

You can always email me at andre@bhamterminal.com.

You can come on out next Saturday (April 19, 10 a.m.) to Java and Jams and sit in on a contributor’s meeting.

You can come out to BarCampBirmingham2 this Saturday and catch me there (I may even get a chance to speak).

We’re also working on sponsoring an intro to blogging class in the coming month (just in case you’re wondering if this whole blogging thing is really that easy…)

One thing: We are a new type of beast – meaning while there are some rules of media and journalism that must be followed (no matter what), there are many more that need to be created. If you have an idea of something that we can do, run it by us. The Internet is one of the coolest tools out there and we’re just trying to demonstrate just how to can be used as an open source for information about Birmingham.

Let us know…

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