last car: movies and marriage

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Just in case you were thought you’d be tempted to visit your local Birmingham Public Library branch on Christmas Eve… nope, not gonna happen. They’re also closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Erik Jambor stepped down from his post at BendFilm in Oregon last month, for those that may be interested and who didn’t know… Yeah, we’re a little late on this one, but we’ve been trying to figure out how to ask him to write film reviews for us over on Timetable before telling you all the news (still hasn’t happened) …

Apparently Bishop Baker of the Diocese of Birmingham had a thing or two to say about The Golden Compass

If you’ve got any money left after buying gifts for the family, you may be able to help out an area church and own a piece of equipment used by former American Idol Bo Bice –

and if you were thinking about showing up in Tuscaloosa County without your Social Security Card to get married anytime soon, don’t

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