A look around the station: The Loaf likes Charles’ comments

09.24.2007 by André Natta · → Leave a comment

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They at least like them enough to link to this post over on my Birmingham. Charles Buchanan’s comments come after a visit two weekends ago to our neighbor to the east and André’s piece on urban fabric. It’s an interesting piece and they’re taking a look at it today, so why don’t you?

NOTE: Charles is a regular contributor to the site, normally over on Timetable and the guy who came up with the cool Terminal Station print for the site.

Speaking of Timetable, we’re trying to play catch up to all of the things going on around town. We’re also wanting to shine a spotlight on one local artist’s attempts to expand our city’s reviews of art shows. M. Blue Horn has begun posting podcasts to her personal site and… well head on over and find out.

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