From the Stationmaster: New Comment Policy

08.24.2007 by André Natta · → 3 Comments

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Good afternoon everybody.

I’ve resisted doing this mainly because encouraging discussion about issues is a main goal of The Terminal. However, recent comments that have been submitted have led me to begin moderating all comments prior to their being posted effective immediately.

There are several reasons: we probably need to edit for grammar, punctuation and things like that. We also do not want to become a place where libel and slander become commonplace. We want to encourage intelligent, sensible debates on the issues of the day without resorting to name calling and accusations. We will be creating a way to handle news tips that you would like us to investigate over the weekend and our comment policy that I spoke of last week is nearly complete. The crux of that policy is that by submitting your comments you are responsible for them, however we as a place to share comments will not sit by and let unproven accusations continue to be posted. Those that choose to not follow the new policy once posted will be banned from submitting any further comments.

I hope that all of you understand the reasons for this decision. If you have any questions, you can always contact me using any of the ways listed on our contact page.

Thanks for your time.


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