So why pick a charity?

08.3.2007 by André Natta · → 1 Comment

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We recently asked that people to pick a charity, but we never exactly told you why. Well, now we’re telling – we’re planning to have you vote for which nonprofit will benefit from our official launch party on Wednesday, August 29. This will also serve as the second annual Happy Hour for a Cause. If you want to learn more about where this all stemmed from, click here to check out Andre’s blog post from last year over on Dre’s Ramblings. We’re just changing the focus a little this year.

We decided that maybe it’s actually time to let people formally know that we existed. We’re hoping to formally announce the time and location next week but one thing we are sure of is the fact that we want to raise awareness for an area nonprofit during the event.

We will be asking that attendees consider giving of themselves, whether it’s volunteer time, money or items if applicable when you get to the front door of the event (not that you have to in order to come and have a good time).

Now with this new piece of knowledge, we hope that maybe you’ll consider putting a vote or two out there for one that you believe deserves it (or encouraging others to do so). Beginning Monday, we’ll be asking everyone to vote for their favorites from those that are submitted, so get your comments in before midnight Saturday!

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