Timetable’s back (almost)

06.21.2007 by AndrĂ© Natta · → Leave a comment

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Our arts and culture blog hit a snag before it really got a chance to get going. For those that are just joining us, Timetable consists of two separate things; the calendar that you see to your right and a separate blog that exists to go more in depth on events whenever we can.

Thanks to some coffee and help from some friends realizing that most of our posts had been cached online, we’re almost back. We say almost because we lost several of our MySpace Directory entries.

If you know of any businesses or organizations that have a Myspace profile in metro Birmingham, then let us know so we can add them. Send them to timetable@bhamterminal.com.

Thanks. We’ll be trying to update slightly more than normal today because of catching up.

We’ll also figure out a way to provide a daily 9 a.m. update on the status of Jeremy Harper at millioncount.com beginning tomorrow (since people seem interested).

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