“Inclusion resolution” to be reintroduced today

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UPDATE: Resolution passes unanimously, click here for details and copy of revised resolution

A quick glance at today’s Birmingham City Council agenda (available on the city’s official website) shows that Councilor Valerie Abbott intends to reintroduce her “inclusion resolution” during the meeting. It’s item 24 on this morning’s council agenda. This would be the second time that Abbott has introduced her resolution for a vote. The first time led to an interesting debate that week and an even more interesting discussion the following week .

Here’s how it’s listed on the agenda:


A Resolution to promote tolerance and respect for all residents and visitors; to condemn racism, bigotry, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination; and to encourage the City of Birmingham to embrace diversity. (Submitted and Recommended by Councillor Abbott)

Click here to view the text of the resolution that was submitted previously (courtesy of Birmingham Blues).

Introducing the resolution on the same day that Mayor Kincaid unveils his budget for the city will make for an interesting council meeting indeed. Abbott has recently stated that she has the votes necessary for the resolution to pass (among other things). We’ll try our best to let you know the result of the vote later on today.

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