Postage rate goes up today

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Apparently it’s time for another rate increase at the United States Postal Service . Beginning today sending that letter (that you almost never write anymore anyway) is going to cost $0.41. That is unless you need to add all of those other letters that you haven’t sent out either to that envelope that’ll be an extra $0.17 per ounce.

All of your other favorite postage rates have gone up in price as well, a reflection on the rising cost of making sure that it still gets to you through snow, sleet, or… well we haven’t seen rain in a while, now have we?

The new system is based on the shape of the item being delivered. The guys at USPS have set up a page on the site that provides basic information and links to additional information to make this as painless as possible. They’ve also announced the creation of the Forever Stamp (see the ad) – one that allows you to purchase in bulk knowing that they’ll still be good ten rate rises from today.

You may as well take advantage of visiting the site & check out all of the new stamps that are due to come out this year.

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