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Big Julie’s Boom Boom Cocktail Room and Debate Club: A look inside

Editor’s note: This story was submitted by Mark Kelly. 

It started as an occasional after-work gathering, two or three guys bringing guitars to strum between swigs of beer and the resolution-or at least diagnosis-of the world’s problems. Then this person would invite that person, who might bring another person, who might be a singer or a flautist or just a damn good spectator. By the time the third harmonica player started showing up, it was a full-fledged happening, a semi-regular Monday evening hootenanny in the heart of the heathen wilds of Forest Park.

Having allowed things to progress to such a state, the proprietor decided a name was in order, and since this particular proprietor is in no way reticent, no one was surprised when he decided there was no more fitting namesake than his own self. Thus was christened Big Julie’s Boom Boom Cocktail Room and Debate Club.


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Saturday Will Be Sweet

Naked Art’s summer sale opens this Saturday, July 14, with an ice cream reception. Everything in the Forest Park gallery is discounted 10 – 50%! Plus you’ll find several flavors of free ice cream in the back room from 1 – 3 p.m.

The sale lasts for several weeks, but it’s a good idea to go early since the prime pieces will go fast.