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TNN returns via ABC 33/40 while TheCOOLTV fades away

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TNN 2012 relaunch logoDigital televisions across central Alabama have stumbled across a new digital sub-channel or two while flipping for the last few weeks while noticing others have disappeared.

First, let’s talk about the new one. ABC 33/40 signed an agreement with The Nashville Network to serve as the former cable-network-turned-broadcast-network’s area affiliate, using digital sub-channels 33.3, 40.3, and 58.3. It, and agreements with nine other stations located in Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee were formally announced earlier this week; the station was only formally announced back in April of this year. The classic country music station and Music City postcard to the world relaunched on November 1.

It makes sense that ABC 33/40 is the local affiliate considering their chief meteorologist, James Spann, is a regular guest on The Rick & Bubba Show – the Birmingham-based program that will anchor the revived network’s morning schedule from 6-10 a.m. The new version of The Nashville Network is a partnership between Jim Owens Entertainment, Inc. (the folks behind Crook & Chase, another part of the network’s lineup) and Luken Communications, LLC (the folks behind Retro TV – a.k.a. RTV – formerly seen on 13.2).

Another digital sub-channel appears to have gone dark – at least that’s what it looks like over on 68.2, where TheCOOLTV lived until August 31. That’s when it was dropped by all 32 Sinclair Broadcasting stations that had been carrying it, reducing its footprint substantially.

You can still watch it online though if you’re really missing it…

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