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Got plans this weekend? 11.09 – 11.12

11.9.2007 by André Natta · → 1 Comment

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If you haven’t been to Bottletree yet, what are you waiting for?! While I loved Moonlight Music Cafe and I think The Nick does indeed rock, this is my new favorite place to hang out and hear music. Because it’s providing a venue for acts that aren’t on the radio. And if you do happen to hear them on the radio, you only heard it because you’re listening to Reg on Sunday (Thanks Reg!).

This Saturday the main act is Rogue Wave. This band happens to be building some great momentum right now – Starbucks free song of the day, late night TV appearance, TV drama soundtracks. Catch them now and in a few years you could be saying, “… I remember those guys. I saw them play at this great venue in Birmingham and I only paid $10. Geez, their tickets now are outrageous.”

FYI, waiting to buy tickets is going to cost you 2 more bucks at the door.

The bar, cafe and venue is located at 3719 Third Ave. South.

Veterans Day is Sunday but there’s no mail or money on Monday. I’m of the opinion that regardless how I feel about the current situation in Iraq, anyone that was and is willing to take a bullet for me deserves my respect and thanks. World War II may not have been the same war as Vietnam, and Vietnam may not have been the same war as Iraq, but war is war. I’m not saying you need to change how you vote or give up all of your day off, but one way to show your support for the troops old and new is to cheer from the sidelines of the annual Veterans Day parade downtown Monday. It just happens to be the nation’s oldest and largest.

The parade starts at 1:30 p.m. Here’s the route. And I was surprised to learn that this is not the only event organized by the non-profit National Veterans Day organization. They have a whole bunch of events planned for Sunday and Monday.

So what are you doing this weekend? Please share. I may want to join you.

P.S. Ha Ha. I was just looking around on the Bottletree Web site and I see that Reg’s Coffeehouse is actually presenting the Rogue Wave show. Keep up the good work Reg!

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Amir Thompson
Amir Thompson

The song reminds me of some track by other atrist that I very much enjoyed hearing ... but I can't remember which :0 anyone know who I'm looking for?