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TEDx attendees, organizers hope to forge Birmingham’s future

Thursday evening approximately 100 people gathered at the Avon Theater in Birmingham’s Lakeview district to take part in the city’s first ever TEDx event. Those presenting at TEDxRedMountain decided to use the event’s theme “Forge On: Galvanizing Ideas for the Future” to look at the events of April 27 while talking about how the region can and will move forward.

Event organizers Sarah Robinson and Jamie Sandford took some time to talk about the event shortly after it finished. We also had a chance to talk with Patrick Morris of UA Greek Relief.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGTTcLbOl9A?hd-1&w=640]

The seven original 18-minute presentations made during the evening (including talks by James Spann, Alabama Poverty Project executive director Kristina Scott and Jefferson County EMA‘s Mark Kelly) will soon be available for viewing at the event’s official website. There’s already another TEDx event currently scheduled for September (yes, September, they confirmed they’re moving the date back last night).

Incidentally, the last speaker of the evening, Scott Pierce, is today’s subject for It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham – head on over and check it out.

“Positive” vandalism vandalized

You Are Beautiful, Birmingham. acnatta/FlickrFolks driving into downtown Birmingham this morning through Red Mountain may have noticed that a piece of positive vandalism that had greeted them for the last three months was no longer there.

The reason for its early departure is somewhat ironic.

The You Are Beautiful sign that first appeared on the Highland Avenue Bridge in October (one of several that have appeared throughout the city in recent weeks) was itself tagged during the overnight hours of December 23 with profanity. The sign was supposed to be painted over but not until after the holidays according to the conversation ALDOT’s Brian Davis had with Fox 6 last week.

The unplanned planned removal didn’t come without some collateral damage. The Birmingham News reported that a vehicle crashed into a police cruiser as it attempted to block a lane of traffic to allow crews to do the painting.

Photo: You Are Beautiful, Birmingham. acnatta/Flickr