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Quinlan Castle loses its top – temporarily

Removing turrets from Quinlan Castle (1 of 2), dystopos/Flickr

Photo: Removing turrets from Quinlan Castle (1 of 2). dystopos/Flickr

While many of us were infatuated with the relocation of the 1917 locomotive on Saturday morning (pictures later), work crews were handling another local historic icon on Birmingham’s Southside.

Folks were worried when they noticed cranes lifting the turret roofs from their resting places atop historic Quinlan Castle. You can breathe a sigh of relief though, as they were moved to the flat portion of the roof in order to make it easier for repairs to be made to them as part of a restoration project being conducted by the property’s owners, Southern Research Institute.

Two historic structures may be seeing new life

Considering the weight of the items that were on the agenda today, we decided to hold off on our weekly preview and post now sharing some of the more interesting parts of today’s meeting. As the post title says, two items before the council during today’s meeting may breathe new life into two historic buildings in the Magic City – the Ramsay McCormack building in downtown Ensley and Quinlan Castle on the city’s Southside.

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