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Meetings to discuss BJCTA service changes continue

BJCTA February 2012 meetingApproximately a dozen regular users of the BJCTA gathered in the transit authority’s board room at Central Station on Friday evening to learn more about proposed service changes.

It was the second of four meetings scheduled through the middle of this week to go over the changes and to receive additional public input. The last two meetings will take place February 21 at the Hawkins Park Recreation Center (8920 Roebuck Blvd., Birmingham – map) from 5:30-7 p.m. and February 22 at the Bessemer Public Library (400 19th St., N., Bessemer – map) from 10-11:30 a.m. The changes will then be voted upon by the transit authority’s board on the afternoon of the 22nd.

Proposed changes (PDF) include: the renumbering and combining of Route 1 (as Routes 10 and 11); the simplification of Route 20 (essentially creating an airport shuttle that runs hourly along Messer Airport Highway, including Saturdays); modifications to Routes 17, 25, 26, 28 44, and 45 that will enable them to stop directly in front of Walmarts located on their routes; and a change in DART service that will provide service up to Vulcan Park.

That abbreviated list of the proposed changes is probably making you want to read about the rest of them as described on the detailed attachment handed out at the meeting, isn’t it? We’ve also got photos of the maps showing the proposed changes in the downtown, western, and eastern sections of the county.

Know when the Hot Light goes on from your desk

the Krispy Kreme hot lightIt’s that time of the holiday season that finds you spending hours on the road as you go to the last of those holiday parties or as you head out to visit family. Part of that tradition for many includes hunting for the almost elusive Krispy Kreme “Hot Now” sign (the company calls it the “Hot Light”) for a glazed treat (or two) to help give you the energy to get to your final destination.

The folks at the popular donut chain have made that search just a little bit easier now with the launch of their new Hot Light apps for the desktop and your iOS or Android smartphone. The apps allow you to select the location closest to your home while also letting you know where the closest location to you with an activated “Hot Light” is when you’re out and about.

Yep, this may explain mass exoduses from offices for many in the coming days…